ArcED Students Awards


Competition Brief

This competition is organized periodically every year by Architecture Education Association [ArchED]. 13th ArchED2013 Project Awards for Architecture Students” includes projects produced in studios during “2013-2014 fall”, “2013-2014 spring” and “2013-2014 summer” semesters by undergraduate students registered to an architectural program of departments of architecture.
This competition is in national level for architecture students and an open single-phase competition.
Competition is open to all undergraduate students registered to architecture departments of faculties of architecture in Turkish Republic and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
Competition is composed of four categories; “First Year” “Second Year”, “Third Year” and “Fourth Year”. Students can participate with projects of “2013-2014 fall”, “2013-2014 spring” and “2013-2014 summer” semesters. Diploma projects are not included in Fourth Year – Second semester category.
Students can participate the competition with more than one project. For each project submitted extra participation fee must be deposited. If one project is the work of several students, it is sufficient that one participation fee to be deposited.
Competition is announced via www.mimed.org.tr, www.arkitera.com, www.kolokyum.com and www.tasarimyarismalari.com siteleri websites. In addition, competition posters are being sent to department secretariats of all architecture schools in Turkish Republic and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus for further announcement.
announcement of the competition october 14, 2014
submission* december 1, 2014  I  11.00-18.00
itu taşkışla campus  I  corridor 203
jury evaluation december 6/7, 2014  I  saturday, sunday
announcement of the results
award ceremony  I  colloquium december 8, 2014  I  monday 17.00
itu taşkışla campus  I  hall 109 
project exhibition december 8/19, 2014
itu taşkışla campus  I  corridor 203
*projects sent by mail/cargo are accepted according their posting date [deadline is december 1, 2014] 
Questions related to the competitions should be sent via e-mail to Dr. Meltem BASLO at baslo@itu.edu.tr until november 14, 2014. Answers will be announced on www.mimed.org.tr, www.arkitera.com, www.kolokyum.com and www.tasarimyarismalari.com by november 19, 2014.
•  All submitted projects will be taken with covered identity and will be evaluated anonymously.
•  Competition rapporteurs will cover the identity codes and give a new number to each submitted project and jury members will recognize the projects with these numbers.
•  Following the completion of jury evaluations, the identity envelopes will be opened and award winners will be revealed.
•  All projects will take place in the competition exhibition which will start after the announcement of the results. If any project owner prefers to keep his/her identity secret in case of not being awarded, this must be indicated saying ‘NOT TO BE OPENED’ in the submission document at the envelope together with identity information.
•  project panels
Projects will be presented on maximum two A1 [59,4cm. X 84,1cm.] sized hard cardboard or photo block panels for easy display. These panel[s] must be designed for vertical/upright display [portrait]. It must be considered that the panels can be displayed one above the other and one picture / drawing etc. must NOT be presented along two panels.
For each panel in every submitted project there will be 2cm. strip to be left. On upper right corner within a 1X5 cm sized box, identity code composed of 5 numbers; and on the upper left corner the category of the submission according to ArchED 2014 will be indicated. This statement would be written in the registration form for every year ‘ArchED2014 | category: 1st year’, ‘ArchED2014 | category: 2nd year’, ‘ArchED2014 | category: 3rd year’ and ‘ArchED2014 | category: 4th year’. In the case of submitting more than one project, different identity codes must be used. There is no other limitation in the presentation technique.
In order to present the project to the jury members, a project report of 200 words explaining the project area, project topic, context and design concept must be prepared. This text must be placed on a 10cm. strip left on the bottom of the first project panel. Because of the fact that ArchED 2014 jury is consisted of multi-national members, it is required the project report to be both in Turkish and English. It is important to pay attention to not use information revealing the identity of the participant, her/his institution and project advisor.
•  identity envelope
The ‘identity envelope’ should be an A4 envelope, opaque, sealed and marked with 5 digit number ID code - which must also be written on each panel of the project - on the upper right corner. If a participant wants to keep her/his identity secret in case of not being awarded, this should be indicated on another document with the notation ‘NOT TO BE OPENED’ and be placed in the identity envelope together with the application form. 
Documents which should be placed in the identity envelope are:
o ‘application form’ with student’s identity information; it should be signed by project advisor or head of department,
o below mentioned cd/dvd
•  cd/dvd
In order to create an archive for ArchED Project Competition for architecture students and to be able to use for the publication of the submitted projects, visuals [jpg format - 200dpi resolution] which will be the exact copies of submitted posters must be delivered as a cd or dvd [indicating the identity code, name and surname of the participant on the label] within the identity envelope, size A4, with the project identity code written on it.
•  bank receipt
ArchED 2014 submission fee for each one of the projects is 30TL.  If one project is the work of several students, it is sufficient that one participation fee to be deposited. 
Account information Mimarlık Eğitimi Derneği
TC İş Bankası Ayaspaşa Branch, Account No. 425044                           
IBAN   TR50 0006 4000 0011 0050 4250 44
Bank/ATM/internet etc.receipt showing the deposited amount must be hand delivered to rapporteurs during project submission. For the projects sent by cargo, receipt can be sent among the package.
Submission fee of the projects eliminated because of not meeting the requirements mentioned on the competion brief are not refundable.
Documents mentioned on the paragraph 8 should be delivered personally or by mail / cargo.
The submission date is december 1st, 2014, between 11.00-18.00; the delivery address is below.
Projects sent by mail / cargo will be accepted regarding their posting date [december 1st 2014]
Address ArchEd2014
    Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, Taşkışla Campus, corridor 203
  34437 Taksim   I   İstanbul 
10.  JURY
Submitted projects will be evaluated by a jury selected from faculty members of various architecture schools and practicing architects. 
Jury members* of ArchED 2013 project competition for architecture students
Burak ALTINIŞIK   [instructor dr., bahçeşehir university]    
Mualla BAYAR ERKILIÇ     [prof.dr., middle east technical university]
Yurdanur DÜLGEROĞLU YÜKSEL     [prof.dr., istanbul technical university]
Sema ESER ÖZSARUHAN   [m.arch., istanbul technical university]
David GLOSTER   [prof., riba director of education]  
Nikolaos KALOGIROU   [prof., dean, tu aristotle] 
Suzan SANLI ESİN   [m.arch., istanbul technical university]
Murat Arif SUYABATMAZ   [m.arch., mimar sinan fine arts uni., tu wien, bilgi university]
Aslıhan ŞENEL   [assist.prof.dr., istanbul technical university]
Aslıhan TAVİL [prof.dr., istanbul technical university] 
Hülya TURGUT   [prof.dr., istanbul technical university, maltepe university]
*names are given in the alphabetical order of surnames.
Meltem BASLO   [res.assist.dr., istanbul technical university]
Awards of ArchED2014 are consisted of 1 ‘success’, 1 ‘encouragement’ and ‘jury special award’ [quantity defined by the jury] for each of the four categories.
All awarded projects will receive honorary plates; projects of ‘success’ and ‘encouragement’ awards of four categories will be given prize money.
ArchED defines number of awards and prize money amounts on every competition period within the current budgetary limits.
This year every project chosen for success award will receive 1500TL, every project chosen for encouragement award will receive 750TL prize money.
All awarded projects will be presented on the competition album except as otherwise indicated. All other submitted projects will be represented by one visual.
Results of the competition will be announced in the colloquium in december 8, 2014 and will be published at www.mimed.org.tr, www.arkitera.com, www.kolokyum.com and www.tasarimyarismaları.com the same day.
ArchED has the rights to publish all submitted projects. Projects that haven’t received any awards can be published by ArchED except as otherwise indicated. The awarded projects cannot be returned; the rest can be reclaimed from the rapporteurs within three months following the competition’s award ceremony. ArchED has no responsibility after this date.
ArchED cannot be taken responsible of technological, natural or mail / cargo wise delays and problems.
Projects not delivered to submission point at the right time indicated on paragraph 9 will be disqualified.
Projects revealing the identity of the participant, the university or the project advisor by inscription or symbol will be disqualified.
Projects not meeting the requirements mentioned at paragraph 8 [panel size, direction, format, no presentation on a hard surface, etc.] will be reported and can be disqualified according the jury decision.
The submission fee is not refundable in case of disqualification.

Dr. Meltem Baslo baslo@itu.edu.tr    

For Competiton Brief click here. For Submission Form click here. For Project Panel Format click here.